hosted by: Jessica Guzik

63 | Authenticity at work, genuine confidence vs. addiction to praise, career pivots + more with Amy Giddon

Welcome to the show!  This week, I’m chatting with Amy Giddon, founder of the Daily Haloha app.  This conversation is FILLED to the brim with career advice – you’ll hear all about:

-Learnings from Amy’s corporate career   -Amy’s advice for career advancement   -Outer success vs inner fulfillment   -The challenge of being authentic at work   -Being uncomfortable in order to grow   -Constantly searching for praise   -Instrinsic confidence vs. proving yourself   -Having a deep sense of self worth   -Being unsure about career paths   -The value of lateral career moves,   and more!   Mentioned in this episode:   Daily Haloha   Sign up for Jessica’s newsletter   Brene Brown’s dare to lead   Brene Brown Ted Talk on vulnerability   Get in touch with Amy and her team   Submit a listener question   Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll catch you in a couple of weeks!   Jess