hosted by: Jessica Guzik

58 | Job searching mindset/fear, salary negotiation discomfort, resume tips + more with Nikki aka @CorporateMelaninMillennial

Welcome to the show!  This week I’m chatting with Nikki, aka The CorporateMelaninMilleniall all about job searching, fear, salary negotiation, resume tips, her experiences as a woman of color in the workplace (plus advice), and more!


Nikki has an infectious positive energy – I found myself smiling at the end of this interview, and I hope you enjoy it just as much.


To get in touch with Nikki, check out her socials and website:


@CorporateMelaninMillenial on Instagram (and Facebook)


And come say hi to me on Instagram @theartofspeakingup


I hope you’re doing amazingly well, and I’ll catch you next week!