hosted by: Jessica Guzik

49 | Move past shyness & fear of judgment so you can show up powerfully + authentically at work with Sarah Ghattas

If you have ever worried that you’ll never be outgoing or bold enough to advance to higher levels of leadership in your career, today’s episode will prove you wrong.  Today’s guest, Sarah Ghattas, has reached VP level at a major organization.  She boldly leads teams and pushes forward her company’s vision, but her leadership & boldness was something she grew into over time.  As a kid and during her early career years, she was incredibly quiet and shy, and throughout her career she did the inner work necessary to help her show up with greater courage in her career.  Today she leads with power, empathy, and confidence and serves as an incredible role model to us all!


If you are trying to figure out how to show up with greater presence, but you struggle to do so authentically or you find it scary to speak up, then Sarah’s advice and story is sure to touch you and leave you feeling like anything is possible for you (which is true!)


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