hosted by: Jessica Guzik

45 | Let go of struggle and bring more joy, ease, and confidence into life & work with Charlotte Kaye

Welcome to a summer bonus episode!  In this bonus episode I’m chatting with a good friend of mine and women’s empowerment coach Charlotte Kaye.  Charlotte used to be in the 9-5 world, and now coaches women to help them set boundaries and take control of their lives.  In this episode, we explore some interesting themes:


-The importance of letting go, and accepting people for who they are at work


-What to do when negative feelings arise at work


-How to feel more joy and ease in the workplace


-How to learn to appreciate coworkers


-How to build the courage to be yourself at work


And much more!


To get in touch with Charlotte, follow her on Instagram (@airyfairyfeminist) and check out her website at


And be sure to check out her free 5 day boundary setting challenge:


As always, thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you in September for the premier of Season 3!!


(I can’t wait….)