hosted by: Jessica Guzik

35 | Winding career paths, not caring what other people think, showing up as a leader + more with Trina Martin

We’re all trying to be more confident at work, which is why I love talking with women who exude an authentic sense of confidence and who fully embrace themselves and who they are. Today’s guest, Trina Martin, has built an impressive career in STEM and in the Navy, pursuing her dreams and reaching her goals without a support system. In today’s conversation I talk with Trina all about her key learnings from her career journey and we cover everything from how to walk into a room with confidence to what to do when you find yourself not knowing the answer to a question at work.


We also talk about the struggles of being who we are and accepting ourselves as women and why it can be hard to do so, especially in a professional environment.  Trina also chats about the importance of not caring what other people think about us and of owning who we are at work We also cover:


  • Career regrets
  • Trina’s experiences being the only woman of color in the room
  • Her career in IT and becoming a naval officer
  • Walking into a room with confidence
  • What to do when you don’t know the answer
  • The struggle of being yourself and accepting who you are (especially as a woman)
  • How to speak up powerfully, persuasively, and confidently
  • Not caring what other people think
  • How to operate as a leader no matter your job title or position
  • Turning 30, 40, 50, and caring less and less about what other people think
  • Sitting at the back of the room
  • Being a leader no matter your title
  • Compassion / difficult coworkers
  • Getting connected to your joy, and
  • Speaking up when you have a better way to do something or something you want to share


If you are struggling to build confidence, find your voice at work, or you’re just looking for some empowerment inspiration, today’s episode pretty much runs the gamut!


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As always, thank you for listening and I can’t wait to catch you again next week!