hosted by: Jessica Guzik

261 | The nuances in speaking up with Felicia Enuha

This week on the podcast I’m interviewing Felicia Ann Rose Enuha, host and creator of The Trill MBA show podcast.

During this in-person conversation that we had in Felicia’s studio, she shares wisdom to help you navigate some of the landmines that pop in the corporate space.  She also shares what it’s been like for her being a Black woman in corporate, and walks through how advice like “be your authentic self” and “be more assertive” often applies differently to Black women.

This conversation will not only help you be more smart and strategic about your career – but it’ll hopefully help you be a more empathetic & inclusive human and coworker in the process.

A BIG thanks to Felicia for coming on the show and sharing her wisdom, and be sure to follow her work below:





Twitter: @TrillMBAShow




I’ll catch you next week!