hosted by: Jessica Guzik

25 | Step back and see the bigger picture of your career so you can go after what you want with Tasha Thomas

If I had to boil women’s empowerment down to just one thing, it would be mindset.  In my view, mindset is the swiss army knife of any career challenge – because when your mindset is right, you can find the solution to virtually any problem.


Today’s guest, Tasha Thomas, talks all about how mindset how propelled her through her career, starting out as an intern and now propelling her to the leadership position that she holds today.  


She talks about everything from building confidence to how to know when the time is right to move on from a job to how to build a tight relationship with your manager.  Whether you’re looking for tactical career tips or mindset advice – Tasha hits on pretty much anything. 


In this episode, you’ll hear about: 


  • Finding one’s voice and personality in a professional context
  • Why networking is worth it, even if you hate it
  • How to get the most learning & development out of a job
  • Figuring out when it’s time to move on from a job or uplevel
  • Seeing challenges and negative experiences in a positive light
  • Developing softer leadership skills
  • How to manage up
  • Tasha’s advice on building a solid rapport with your manager
  • Tasha’s experience being the only black woman in the room
  • How Tasha has built up her confidence over time


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