hosted by: Jessica Guzik

20 | How to stop saying yes to everything + how top performers cultivate work life balance with Alexia Friend

This week, I’m talking with a childhood best friend of mine and landscape architect, Alexia Friend.  In this episode, Alexia shares all about how she learned to manage her workload without sacrificing her dedication to her work and while still being a top performer at the architecture firm that she works at.  In this episode we chat about:  


  • Pushing back against too much work
  • Work like balance
  • Time management
  • How to communicate with maturity and leadership
  • How to strategically push back with your manager
  • Why it’s scary to ask for help at work
  • How to strategically ask for help at work
  • Having the confidence to leave the office when your coworkers/manager are still working
  • Balancing work and having a family
  • And much more!


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