hosted by: Jessica Guzik

2 | “But what if my idea is stupid?” – why we keep quiet + how to build the courage to speak up with Rose Kirby

I would be overjoyed if you promised me this one thing: next time you’re debating whether you should share your idea out loud or not, DO IT. 

I really, really, really want you to do it.  I want you to do it so badly that I started and named a podcast around this entire topic. 

For a long while, I thought I was the only weirdo who would stew and chew over an idea in a meeting and never actually share it, out of sheer paranoia that my idea was secretly dumb.

But many of us are keeping our ideas to ourselves, not even aware that we’re applying perfectionistic standards to all of our ideas before we give ourselves permission to share them.

Here’s where I’ve landed on the question of whether an idea deserves to be shared out loud:

If an idea comes to you, it’s worth sharing.

It’s very normal to question whether an idea is ‘good enough,’ and it can be a difficult habit to break.  And as you’ll hear Rose and I discuss in this episode, we both went through a period of time where we only shared our ideas if we could make them sound super fancy and smart.

Which is better, I guess, than not sharing them at all, but the thing is – the best approach is simply to share, and not waste any brain space or emotional energy evaluating, judging, and editing our ideas. Because as women, we are incredibly creative and intelligent, and our gifts are best used sharing and discussing our ideas – not editing or filtering them. 

And besides – why edit something that’s good enough as it is?

Rose is an incredibly gifted coach – I especially love her approach to mindset.  If you want to learn more about her coaching, or get in touch with her – check out her site:



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