hosted by: Jessica Guzik

199 | The mindset work that’ll take your career and your confidence to the next level

I’m not going to lie – building a powerful career that’s fueled by unstoppable confidence takes work and effort.  But in my opinion – it is totally worth it.  Because when you do the inner work to feel truly badass and unstoppable – you can go out and pursue pretty much anything you want in your career.


As a professional coach, I KNOW that the first step to building your limitless career is to help you master mindset.  Mindset work is the gateway for growing your confidence, releasing negative beliefs about yourself, learning to play WAY bigger, and taking your career to the next level.


If that type of growth excites you – tune into today’s episode to learn exactly how to take your mindset work to the next level, so you can take your career to the next level, too.  


Warning: I’m pretty sure this episode is going to break your brain (in the best possible way). 


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As always, have a beautiful day and I’ll catch you next week