hosted by: Jessica Guzik

173 | Why it’s so hard to feel competent (even if you’re pretty good at what you do)

Questioning your competence is not only exhausting and emotionally draining – but it can prevent you from creating the career that you’re truly capable of.  I’ve seen woman after woman get stuck in a pessimistic, inaccurate view of her own competence – wrongly believing that she just isn’t as good at her job as everyone else around her. While this sense of inadequacy can FEEL really real, it usually isn’t rooted in objective reality and it’s usually the symptom of some deeper mindset challenges which are COMPLETELY in your power to address.  Today I’m walking you through the mindset pitfalls that can cause you to feel chronically incompetent, so that you can begin to break out of them and finally trust that you have everything you need to THRIVE in your job and career. 


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