hosted by: Jessica Guzik

141 | Public speaking, failure, losing it all: podcast guests open up about their biggest fears

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Welcome to the show!  Today’s episode is super special – you’re going to hear some of my past podcast guests open up about things they feel afraid of and how they manage through some of their biggest, hairiest fears.  Below are the guests you’ll hear from, and their episode numbers in case you want to go back and hear their full interviews:


Leigha May (episode 82)


Kara Diane (episode 79)


Meg Duffy (episode 90)


Jeanette Jordan (episode 80)


Ashlee Leppert (episode 84)


Margot Leitman (episode


Erin Foley (Episode 74)


Leonela Vaccaro Padron (Episode 86)


Amelia Anderson (Episode 71)


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